Fusion 360 toolpaths

Almost every time Fusion 360 generates a toolpath it drops about half of the detail (small circles, smaller parts of a larger path etc) I have edited the lead in/outs as many ways I can count. Newbie so sorry if this has been discussed before but I searched with no answer…

To my knowledge there isn’t a real easy answer to this. It’s likely tied to constraints of the kerf width and lead in geometry. If you haven’t had success getting it to work by changing the lead in properties then you will likely have to start making changes to the file. This is sometimes what takes me the most time when doing my own sign art work. It’s a learning curve to look at what you have and what will work. You could post your file and there are others more qualified than me that could likely identify your issues pretty quick.

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If you could post an f3d file we can get into it deeper.

The issue is going to be a combination of your kerf width, Pierce clearance, lead in, lead out that all adds up to more than what fusion believes it can fit into that space.

Sometimes adding a starting position for your cut will also force it to generate a path for a specific contour.

I’ve seen it where the decimal place ends up in the wrong place for the Kref width than it is easy to overlook many times afterwards.

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Kerf is set to 0.055. If I select no lead out it seems to get a little better. Tin Whisperer I am going to try your 2" square centerline test to figure out what my kerf width actually is so that might help…

Let us know how it works out