Fusion 360 SUCKS

I might have to break down and buy a licence of solid works, Fusion is horrible software to work with, I have spent hours trying to make it work all it adds up to is lost time.

trim feature just stopped working now can not complete the project.

I wont disagree with your title. Fusion is overkill for what most here do with it. You can make a sheet metal sign or a Space Shuttle. Once you figure out the basics of it its a very good powerful program. Once i figured out to leave %99 of them buttons and gadgets alone it went alot smoother for me. If you ask the forum when you reach a problem point ( provide what your doing/trying to do.) Someone will point you in the right direction. Fusion is all i use for design an tool pathing. Good luck. Oh and Btw. LS is designing a program called Firecam. Designed just for the Crossfire tables. It should be basic and easy to learn. If i remember right its a CAD/CAM program. No idea on the release time frame.

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I had a similar problem with Fusion last week, trim tool stopped working and other features, close everything out , restart your computer and open it again. Fusion just does not run well with other things running in the background.

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I’d recommend Solid Edge. Even Solid Edge 2D is good, but the 3D version is excellent in my limited opinion. I normally use Inkscape for Graphics things and had been using Sketchup for 3D, but I have completely switched to Soild Edge for CAD stuff.

I’ve had fusion update while I was working on stuff and the trim stopped working.

It requires a decent amount of computing power, and seems a bit too complicated for 2-D designs. A simple vector drawing program is absolutely perfect for what we are doing with our tables. I used Fusion for a bit and was able to model a whole table I was working on, and it was great for that.b

It took me a bit to figure out scaling and exporting to avoid fusion, but once I did I was able to relax a bit. Inkscape could probably do what you need, then sheetcam for your toolpaths. I’m going straight to sheetcam from my design program Affinity with svg files.

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I would love to see firecam. Fusion, ugh.

It is took me about 6 months of playing with Fusion a little everyday. But now I can make just about anything someone asks me for. It’s not easy at all.

Not much you need to learn when your only learning 2D sketching.
Tools are intuitive. And tons of tutorials.
I watch Lars Christensen!!:point_left::point_left:
Through about 75 videos
Start with basic and sketching and go from there.