Fusion 360 problems again

No matter what i do cut inside or outside extrude or not fusion will not cut correctly. Ive tried to export so that i could do a toolpath on sheetcam but that wont work. Help plz. Simple thing are so crappy on fusion

Ive also oversized my design by like 20ft because that seemed to help fusion in the past but not this time

I honestly cant seem to get help anywhere. Not from this forum or from autodesk. Im so lost

Post your f3d let’s take a look at it.

Or dxf or whatever you have for a design file.

I’m home for the afternoon I can walk through it on the live stream.

Honestly your approach to topic writing and overall tone is likely discouraging people from helping you.

We’ve all had issues, that’s why a lot of us stay here and help others. Mellow out the drama, stay focused on problem solving and things will come together for you.

You will be able to learn how to do this. You just need to start at the foundation and work up slowly.

Where’s your location maybe there’s a member that can come help you in person?


should be easy fix once you post the design. Having @TinWhisperer fix you can watch what he does for future. Looks like a bunch of the letter are going to drop out also. You might want to do some more spacing.

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Can you show a picture of the incorrect cutting you referenced here?

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I had a fun one this morning trying to figure out a warning on my cut path. It ended up being the “U” on this sign. I like to cut most of my signs before i post but it’ll be going on fileshare later. For cousin new house.