Fusion 360 not making all of the cuts (solved)

Hi, does anyone now why fusion 360 only cuts some of the parts of the design, is it because I’m using the free version and there is a certain limit for the G code ?

expo problem

what does linking constraints mean? what do I have to change ?

fusion is not limited to amount…
do some searching here for fusion there are lots of threads…

I am also sure that @TinWhisperer (our Fusion expert) can point you in the right direction

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Your leadins or lead outs likely do not fit into the available space. In your “linking” tab you can change the values for the lead ins. Un check them both and see if the file then works, then you can more appropriate lead in/out lengths.


you are awesome, you solved the problem. thanks

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The default lead in was probably too much. You will likely need some lead in but not .19685

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I will mark this thread solved for you

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