Fusion 360 New User Interface

Hey all!

Fusion 360 has been rolling out a new UI the past few days, with the big update push installing for almost all users today. The new UI differs a lot from the UI in our tutorial videos. If you absolutely need to follow along with our current tutorial videos to get started, you can revert to the old UI for a limited time- please refer to this post on Autodesk’s forum for instructions how to do so:


We’ll look into updating our tutorial videos to match the new UI soon, but that might take some time. Bare with us, the new UI is just as new to us as it is to other Fusion 360 users and we’re exploring and learning the new layout ourselves. If you get stuck or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them here or reach out to us at support@langmuirsystems.com


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If you want to see what’s new (including a couple of decent videos showing new vs old), you can go here before you update.


There is something in the core that’s changed so some python based add-ins may have issues - I have one or more (don’t know how many yet) that threw an error when I loaded up the new version. The error message wasn’t entirely helpful so I have some digging to do. But if you’re not using add-ins you can disregard this warning :slight_smile:

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Other than the initial shock of where do i find stuff, its pretty sweet.

I think they fixed some major underhood issues too, it seems way less “hangy and laggy” so far on bigger drawings.