Fusion 360 Has something changed?

Has something changed with F360? I have not used it for a month, and when I go back in, it is asking for a password. It never used to do that.

You have always needed a password… it’s likely your computer has just been logged in from the previous time you put in your password. There was a update in April so maybe that logged you out… or an update to your computer.

Come to think of it I think last time I was in fusion it mentioned the sever would be down for maintenance… it was either yesterday or today so that could also be what happened.

No problem just reset your password if you forgot it.

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I did notice that it changed: It is requiring you to log in on your browser to their web page, before it completes the opening of the actual app.

Previously, you could open the app and you would do your log-in credentials directly into the app.


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Ok - Thanks

Yes, the latest version logs in through your browser, the older version had its own login panel so new logins will require a full login. After that, the browser will keep the login with cookies. ( until they change the SW again :rofl: