Fusion 360 DXF file when loaded in F360

Fusion 360 When DXF file is loaded into F360 it changes size usually bigger from a known size.

Usually, when I insert a DXF into a Fusion Sketch I first create an object like a rectangle or Circle the size the object is SUPPOSED to be, once it’s loaded. Then, when it’s inserted I can easily scale it to the correct size. using the reference object I made. That can be deleted once th DXF is loaded properly.

There are about 157 thousand variants of DXF, most of which don’t define the size very consistently (mostly due to transforms). Finding one that imports correctly is difficult. Apparently next to impossible for the company that ‘designed’ the format… (PS: I may have exaggerated the number of variants).


what is the dimension of one length for this DXF and what length should the dimension be?

I find the answer to this usually points to the issue.

an example would be if a length should to 10mm and it is measuring 10inches, we have the wrong units selected.

DXF contains the information of how many units but not the unit type. You must select the same unit type as the program that generated and exported that DXF used to achieve the same scale.

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