Fusion 360 2D Maping issue

When i’m trying to map an object, like letters, i’m having a ton of problems mapping them because it wants me to do it in small segments, is there a way to change that? It takes me a half hour + to make it, and thats if i don’t have any errors. :confused:

My best guess would be to double check tool path in F360. sounds like the Geometry Tab, Contour Selection where u link the lines together. I had a similar issue so as I add Contour for every cut after u set the arrow to which ever side your going for right click the line your working on and a few options should pop up click the Ok button so it generates the lead-in path, then after your done with the project as a whole just simulate and see if that fixes the problem. Hopefully this helps

I’ll try that. i wanted to upload the file but as a new user i couldn’t. lol. So i know it’s hard to understand my issue. I’ll post a picture if it doesn’t fix it