For newest very newest of users

Smallie have the PRO from September. :heart::heart::heart:
not Completed yet been sick again sick for yrs. .Anyway it put to getter I don,'t. Know how
No videos out ,L/S you need to take the time to make one
A :100: on everything that is
Get to the e Electronics and computer ,this is were we are very disappointed in you we love your Products Wish I get your table can’t unstand you are so Brilliant Engineer’s can’t you get the time ? Who’s a good example I’m a new user I’m new owner I am a weathed am a welder make believe Fabricator lol I csn build anything dam good too. BUT not a Tec guy
Computers well we get it . Dam dum right get it
you got To put out a videos ok
Them o ok which one of the software i run 1st o. ok what yhen strat what do what
… GET IT we need help you will
Certainly Benefit From it yourself I here about our Community outsiers talk about being so good the best all the time the software and computers friends say they look at the Form afraid to because of what they see of . So here you guys in This community we should discuss this and how we can help one another in this form we in this form purposes all the bad people having problems to come in here to discuss the other guys that do come in coming to help us thank you guys you guys are terrific people everybody

Need time FOR one A complete view. ( and the one you did fot the 2x2 was ok ) :+1:
This one has greater than that
of every step as to be made hit this key move that error use this program used that step-by-step everything People that are TEC smart as you are Were got to knew about help ,Were got to knew about help I’m thinking some people from our community it’s gonna throw something into the box this should be an open form for really Really new users Not just beginners Not just beginnersI am so thankful for this community The greatest guys in girls in the world here like it :+1: To our community Help who’s gone step up and be 1st Yahoo

It is really difficult to really understand what is being said here.
If I understand you would like videos of how to put together the table…there are great instructions with very small steps to put it together.
Making videos takes a lot of time and very costly to do.
There are a lot of videos on youtube people have done.

Plasma cnc is very computer powered and unless you have computer experiance it will be difficult and long time to understand.

I did not understand cnc when I first looked at this, but I did a lot of research to know what I was getting.

Being smart engineers does not mean you can make time to do everything perfect…unless they can build a time machine andvteavel back to fix mistakes.

Software is provided to make the table work…but you have to find the software you can use to make designs and software to make the program the table can cut.
Each company is the same for this.

I do hope that you read and look around the forum to find your answrrs

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Yes . You make up more and people will by if they think more that they know . Look in the Form what is said one was talking set back
May say it is the software computer like ran the bake in some have problems with that they! use 360 look what do I do now what is so so may QUESTIONS
Sound be red flag we are not tec’s. So tec’s sometime thing you are dum can not belive you
Do not get it but they can’t
Weld put brakes on do body work building engines ,Rock ships lol so on building a house
I know I will just by it go. Now much money do you have .
So we sould be Disappointed aand just not by the table that’s OK that’s a lot of money loss store time these same people tell people and more people that ther see o the internet its to hard don’t by. Get. Uour sails will go much high i don’t lol not ready. One lost sail who cares
I look had it like one more lost friend…
I can hardy read and write. And am handicap. Who cares I laff at it . Died comas ,may times. had my best friends BOBBIE BOY BOBY on me for life blood THAT LIFE SO MOVE ON i what my table up and running
I thing more good video what hell everone wy not ask the Community she would taste think about this sundeck

people are tec start lots just use a phone would be a big deal remmber 2x2 videos
You did the build was super
The the rest wil ? Remmber sails must have gone up then. Right . I unfer what you are I was in business for 50 years to I got sick Expenses in overage Kill ya
When had no money put it Advertisements 1 time Borrowed the money $35000 didn’t know if i could have payed it 1st 7 mo lost money did this 7 mo later made 200,000 some you just got to take punch :facepunch:

Have C to re do… use a mic . And thing things picks up thing Etc . Some have hard time trying to explain out of the head. Been ready sick for yrs that’s way Sometimes am slow . Memory loss and things you see if I stop I will die. I just got back from hospital again like #
30 some like some thing op.
Sorry give me little time to fix having hard right now I be bad
Little weak.what is ready cool is you let me be part of this makes you feel a LIVE .
Please it ok . I AM NOT A CRY BABY

I come back fix this late to tired right now and week i can do this its just one of thing of life
Love being here makes me feel alive and love you guy by

Yeah those were good but outdated a little by the time the batch 2 folks got their machines only 5 or 6 months after batch 1.

Then Autodesk started releasing new versions of Fusion every couple of months. They changed where things were, what the commands were called and even how some things worked. I don’t think Langmuir could have kept up with the changes and build machines.

Honestly this is the best place for help. Folks here have gone through everything you’re going through and there a plenty who are willing to help. Start simple and ask questions and practice. You’ll get good at this too.