First run, Plasma turning off at wrong time (Needed to swtich plasma to T2) FIXED

After having my table for sometime. I am just getting around to finally run some code and do a cut. Simple part. A flange with 3 holes.

The Issue is that #1 hole cut is fine, moving to hole #2, the plasma stays on, then turns off when it gets to cut hole #2 and cuts nothing (Profile runs just plasma was shut off), then then moves to hole #3 then plasma kicks in and cuts hole #3, then it moves to the parameter with the plasma still cutting, and turns off when it should be turning on, to cut the outside profile. Everything looks good to me in the code, but maybe I am misunderstanding the code, as M5 should be turning off the plasma, Am I wrong? I appreciate any guidance.

I am running an everlast S50 plasma and full version of Mach3.

Code below:
N10 G90
N15 G70

(2D Profile1)
N20 G0 X1.8942 Y0.8214
N25 M3
N30 G4 P1.
N35 G1 X1.878 Y0.8559 F100.
N40 G3 X1.818 Y0.7959 I0. J-0.06
N45 G3 X1.9943 I0.0881 J0.
N50 G3 X1.818 I-0.0881 J0.
N55 M5

N60 G1 X1.2176 F300.
N65 G1 X0.983 Y0.5353
N70 M3
N75 G4 P1.
N80 G3 X1.0264 Y0.4624 I0.0582 J-0.0147 F100.
N85 G3 X1.1953 Y1.1294 I0.0845 J0.3335
N90 G3 X1.0264 Y0.4624 I-0.0845 J-0.3335
N95 M5

N100 G0 X0.322 Y0.7685
N105 M3
N110 G4 P1.
N115 G1 X0.3306 Y0.7314 F100.
N120 G3 X0.4018 Y0.7776 I0.0125 J0.0587
N125 G3 X0.2294 Y0.8142 I-0.0862 J0.0183
N130 G3 X0.4018 Y0.7776 I0.0862 J-0.0183
N135 M5

N140 G0 X1.0241 Y-0.0477
N145 M3
N150 G4 P1.
N155 G3 X0.9754 Y0.0218 I-0.0591 J0.0103 F100.
N160 G2 X0.4574 Y0.3593 I0.1355 J0.7741
N165 G3 X0.2536 Y0.4967 I-0.2697 J-0.1802
N170 G2 X0.0931 Y0.5864 I0.062 J0.2992
N175 G2 X0.2536 Y1.0951 I0.2225 J0.2095
N180 G3 X0.4574 Y1.2325 I-0.0658 J0.3176
N185 G2 X1.7643 I0.6535 J-0.4366
N190 G3 X1.9682 Y1.0951 I0.2697 J0.1802
N195 G2 Y0.4967 I-0.062 J-0.2992
N200 G3 X1.7643 Y0.3593 I0.0658 J-0.3176
N205 G2 X0.9754 Y0.0218 I-0.6535 J0.4366
N210 M5

N215 M30