First run, and running into problems

I just got it all set up, and I am trying to run my first program, but I am having problems. It cuts holes just fine, but when it starts cutting lines it pauses after about 2 inches, and then the computer pops up am error saying that the arc voltage was lost even though the torch is clearly still firing. The torch increases for a second or so, and then cuts off. If I resume it finishes the line with no spark, then cuts the holes out perfectly, and then when it goes to do another line longer than 2 inches the exact same thing happens. I have tried varying the amps on the plasma cutter, but it makes no difference. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

When you are cutting, Have a look at the live volts value on the screen of firecontrol (on the left in the THC box). Let us know what value you are getting.

The value I get is 0 when it is firing. I do see the torch speed number change as the torch is moving.

That means firecontrol is not seeing any voltage from your plasma cutter so it thinks its lost the arc. What plasma machine are you using ?

I’m using the razorweld 45 cnc.

Check over all your cables for the voltage divider, make sure they are in the right ports etc. There was a big post on here how to fault find that part of the system. I’ll see if I can find it.

You can turn off THC while you are checking the system if you need to get any parts cut out in a hurry.

I had the wrong output coming from the thc to the controller box. Switched it to the divider output and now it is running! I really appreciate your help!

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