First cut questions

I’m sure this has been asked before but I just got everything put together and am working on my first cuts. I loaded a program with two different cut paths. The first one loads however the second one is nowhere to be found. I created the file in Fusion 360. It was fine and generated when I previewed it on 360. Now that its uploaded to Firecontrol I am prevewing it and only get the first cut. Am i missing something?

screen shots or a picture or two really help us if possible!

Did you create the tap file from the Setup & did the setup contain both profiles (toolpaths)?

If you did the post step from either the profile (it was highlighted/selected, not the setup) or you have more than one setup, you won’t get both toolpaths in a single tap file

Thanks for the responses. I figured it out so I wasn’t selecting all tool paths on the left hand side under the setup when trying to generate the gcode. Thanks for the help!