First cut on table

I am doing my first cut on the table and it is saying that the LS-THC did not detect and arc voltage I checked all the wiring and it seems to be in order. What I am I doing wrong?

Can you fire the torch from Firecontrol? If not and you have a Razorweld, you probably have the torch on/off and divided voltage cables switched on the front of the plasma cutter.

If you can fire the torch from the manual torch fire button in Firecontrol, you may need to increase your pierce delay.


Turn off thc, upper right and try it.

If it works trouble shoot wiring.

If it works, turn it back on and look at voltage on screen

I turned off the THC and it acted like it was cutting out the part but the plasma cutter did not turn on.

That confirms that your cables are switched on the plasma cutter.

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Or bad ground

It will still pilot arc without the work clamp. It just won’t transfer to a cutting arc.