Fireshare help for beginners

can anyone give me some help with this? I am totally new to every aspect of CNC, so I decided it would be faster to learn how to import an existing file instead of creating my own. I looked at the split letters on fireshare and noticed when I did a measurement in 360 it was 900 some odd inches. that is one big letter.
Am i not supposed to look at the measurement? Thanks

Yes I noticed that they come in large on my program also. You will need to import that file into some program and edit the size to what you want then save it and then import that file into another program to do the toolpath and to create the .tap file then load the .tap file into Mach3 to actually cut it.
I use Vinylmaster 4.0 for sizing and editing then sheetcam for the toolpath so if you have any questions about fusion you will have to wait for someone else to help you with that, I gave up on that very early.

LOL glad I didnt pay for it! So you can import DXL files into Vinylmaster? Also it it a free trial? I guess I should try a few and see which one fits me the best.

DXF files often don’t include a measurement units setting, just the raw value. So they will import in with the units you’re using in Fusion. You can select it and scale it - use .0393701 for the scaling factor as I expect the file you’re looking at was done in metric and you’re using inches in Fusion so it’s 25.4 times larger than it was designed to be.

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another question I have is, I imported the caster wrench file into 360 and when i set the toolpath the arrows for the cut outs would not go into the holes. I have watched all the videos at least 10 times each and cannot get it to cut right. So I started simple thinking I was doing something wrong, took all info from the videos and created a simple 5"x5" square, cut it and it came out perfect. I dont understand.

I can import DXF files into Vinylmaster and the only reason that I use that software is because I came with my Vinyl cutter that I have been using for several years and I know that software better than any other. I also use v carv pro some times.

Allot of people use ink scape and do good with it and it is free.

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Thanks James! That makes total scene to me. I will give that a try.

Try extruding the wrench surface - that’s usually a quick fix to not being able to path the holes.

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Your in for a long frustrating experience… Inkscape and Sheetcam… Your cutting and designing 2D. I can run 360 proficiently and design in 3D with it so I don’t say this from a frustrated user standpoint… If your goal is to make money with your table, spend the $100-$150 on sheetcam. Actually you can use the trial to see the difference… Pick a DXF, open in Inkscape (free), size it, save it as an SVG, import it to sheetcam, define a tool (one time gig), create tool path and post… You’ll be done before fusion even starts on your computer…