Fireshare download issue

Ive downloaded or attempted to download a few files to drag into sheetcam and work on printing them. When I get into sheetcam and try and find the file its no where to be found. Is this an issue within sheetcam not recognizing a downloaded file off of fireshare or is this a problem is hows it saving?

This is definitely not a SheetCam problem. Can you find the files using FileExplorer?
If so, are they .dxf or .svg files?
Does your SheetCam file search setting select the correct extension?
If the file is corrupted in some way, SheetCam import will still ‘see’ and list the file if you’ve selected the correct file type.

In addition to Tom’s ideas, have you checked the machine table display size & your job options material size? They may be super huge & your file is there but off screen somewhere. You can use the zoom controls to go way out to see if something is there.

I know it’s basic, but is the “show machine and work” view enabled? (Under the view menu, 4th option from the bottom.)

So 2 issues…
first is I was trying to download files off of the file share and cant get them into sheet cam as I cant find them. I don’t know how else to save them or file search them through the import file option on sheet cam.

Also I just made a part on ViaCad2d and saved it. It only gives me 1 option to save the file type as so I did it. I can see where it saved and I can find it on sheet cam under g code files but when I attempt to import it nothing shows on the screen. The name appears in the upper left corner of sheet cam but no file loaded in the drawing area. Ive zoomed in and out and don’t see anything. Not sure what I am doing incorrectly here.

Ok I figured out I was exporting incorrectly. I have the drawing in sheetcam now and it has a fair amount of lettering. Issue is now its saying… advice?

Zip up the source file (the file you imported into SheetCam) and upload it to this thread. I’m sure someone will look at it and try to help you.

not sure how to do that but I will look and see how. I had a few broken lines that are now fixed, but the error code is still the same

ALBRIGHT SIGN.dxf (296.9 KB)

You have some ‘orphan’ lines:
in between the segments on ‘0’ in 11034,
and in between all of the '9’s (3 total)

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ok ill take a look but I don’t know what orphan lines mean… sorry really new to this

No problem, it happens to everyone…
Here are the two errors:

I guess I don’t know what im looking at for errors in those

I set it to no offset and no lead in and the path had no errors now? not sure that’s the right way though

You need to delete those elements. I’ve attached a reworked version and it should be ok with SheetCam…
ALBRIGHT SIGNrw.dxf (130.5 KB)

Thank you… not sure what you did. I loaded it and ran the operation and you can see it still requires me to be no offset but I believe that’s because some of the lines are tight. so I set it to no offset and it seems to like that and now gives no errors.

now when I load a g code into mach it only loads half the part. Is this a layer issue? I grouped everything together before saving it. not sure why its only grabbing a portion of the design.![pic1|666x500(upload://lOHrjV02TyDk2gHCQUi2KcatmJK.jpeg)

Do you have a demo version of Mach 3 or SheetCam?

I loaded that DXF into SheetCam and it properly highlighted inside and outside cuts so I don’t know why you would get errors. What lead-ins were you using?

I did note that you had a warning that some of the openings were too small to support leadins, but that’s only a warning and can probably be safely ignored at this point in the process.

If you post your ‘.JOB’ file, I’ll take a look at it, but for that file you will need to ZIP it up, this forum won’t accept a plain JOB file.

sheetcam is not a demo but I believe my mach is I wasn’t aware you had to purchase mach originally. I was using the radius lead in at .125 since it was tight in some spaces.

let me research how to post a job file not sure how to do that or zip but ill google it and see what I can do. What program does the job file come from sheet cam, viacad or mach?

SheetCam, but if you have a demo version of Mach 3 it won’t do more than a certain number of lines and that may be your problem. If you have CrossFire, you need to have a paid up license for Mach 3 if you want to get the full value of your table.

Purchasing today… Thank you I will update shortly