FireControl Work Coordinate Options

Any possibility to include the option for multiple work coordinates in FC in the future? For example I set (0,0) in the bottom left corner for 95% of my work, but occasionally would like to just throw a remnant on the table, eye ball the start position, set a new (0,0) and run without changing my main bottom left (0,0) position.

You should be setting you 0,0 every time you use fire control. I reset it for every cut but I just place the material wherever I want it and make sure its parallel to the edge of the table.


You have a limited ability to do this now by using the ‘select program origin’ function in firecontrol. You can select different stock points to change the origin location on the fly.


@SWomack I use standard sheet sizes for 95% of what I cut, so jogging to the extents of the travel and re-zeroing just adds time to the process. My general workflow once the zero point has been established at the bottom left of the machine travel is toss a 32x48 sheet on the table, measure off the front edge of the water table to confirm it is square and let it rip. Not a huge deal just a nuisance.

@langmuir-daniel That is exactly was I was looking for, I never really understood the function of that button, I assumed it would re-zero all the locations, not just a zero point for the current program, thanks!

I can see the benefits in that. I’m always looking for a place on my scrap to cut what I need so I’m the complete opposite but I’m not doing anything in a production environment.