FireControl wont update

Just downloaded the latest software 20.1.4 but FC still shows 20.1 also restarted FC no change,any ideas?

The newest version is 21.1.5 but for either the display will show it as the 21.1 version on the splash screen. It will show 21.1.5 in the menu.

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This update that I did has done something cause i cant run a cut file without it making one or 2 pierces then i get the misfire warning doesn’t matter what file i try to run or any changes i make in the post process,or pierce ht or anything these are known good cut file i use all the time how can i go back to the old FC which was 20.6 not 20.1 as i stated above.Also just noticed that if i want to load an SVG file FC doesn’t recognize them only my DXF files.

Go to the downloads section and download 20.6.

I’d be surprised if you don’t still have it on your computer. The 21 series of Firecontrol doesn’t update 20.6. It loads another complete version on the computer.

My laptop has both versions. My machine computer only has 20.6.2

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Ok looks like only has 20.6.2

That’s the one you want, if you don’t have limit switches. It’s been running fine on mine for over a year.

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Ok Thanks I’ll let you know how it goes.

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I was hopefull this would work but it did not,still have the same issues i’m stumped.

Are you sure you’re using the right one? Like I mentioned before, the new download doesn’t remove the other version. You may not have a shortcut for 20.6.2 on your desktop. The icon looks exactly the same for both versions. The version number will show in the top left of the screen when it opens.

Youre right i downloaded the latest 21.1.4 i guess by mistake i do have the short cut but didn’t see it i will try that .Thanks

Got the right FC installed still have the same problem i think the problem is in Fusion 360 i took the same file posted it through Sheetcam and it cut perfectly.

can you post the problem file?

How do I do that