Firecontrol functions - clear program and post process positioning

Hi folks, bein using fire control for several months and need some advice. 1. Is there a way to clear the Gcode (program) without resatarting the software. 2. Is there a way to tell crossfire where to park/move the tourch after the cut is complete. its not a big deal but would like to park the plasma cutter over material to reduce splashing during post flow. or is this dome in fusion?

Thanks in advance


I always just load another gcode without clearing it. It only keeps one gcode at a time. No need to restart.

You can program the “park” feature in SheetCAM. So far I have not heard of anyone accomplishing this is Fusion 360. As a Fusion 360 fan, this is one of my “wish list” items.

A SheetCAM fan is likely to stop by and tell you how you set that feature. If they don’t, you could search for the feature or start a topic under the SheetCAM category.

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Thanks I’ll keep searching this. I have limited brain power and have already committed to Fusion / Firecontrol learning another program not a fun option.

It should be simple enough to modify the post to allow input of your park co-ordinates (X,Y) and then go to that location at the end of run. Note these would need to be based on your work home. (I suspect it could also be done as an incremental move from your last position, but not positive.)

I’ll play around with the post and see if I can make this happen.

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Terrance, It could be my Christmas present for me from you…I know you were worried about coming up with something special! :wink:

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I think this works. The G-code is valid. (Haven’t actually loaded on my table yet…)

There is now a Park checkbox during post, as well as a X and Y axis entry. If enabled, the torch will G0 (rapid) to that location at the end of the program. If disabled, the post ignores the Park entries.

FireControl-v1.7-park.cps.txt (19.0 KB)

If someone gets a chance to run this, let me know what you think.

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Cool beans Ill try this evening.
the x y entries are relative from last position at end of cut correct ?

Unfortunately, they are absolute, based on your origin location. If I enable Incremental moves, my G-Code blew up.

That being said, you should have a rough idea of where your last pierce / cut occurs. Additionally, Fusion will provide a “rough” stock size. (In setup.) For my tests, I added 1" to the height and split the width. (My pierce was on the top.) That parked the torch after cut to about 1" away from the pierce.