Firecontrol duplicate and spacing issue

No matter what i set spacing to in firecontrol the items are sharing a cut…what am i doing wrong?

can you help us out here…we would love to help.
cross fire 2x2 or crossfire Pro with Torch heaight?
what software (post processor) are you using?..Sheetcam…conFusion360…
do you have any pictures…or can you post your tapfile so we can look at it.

Crossfire pro with sheetcam i have tries it with files off fireshare, non cut ready, put through sheetcam and then when in firecontrol made columns and rows but no matter what i set the spacing at they always share the outer lines

So if i loaded a square into firecontrol and set 2 columns and 2 rows the spacing is doing nothing, no matter what i set it at the duplicate squares are touching each other.

Hi there, this is a known issue unfortunately. We have a fix for it and are preparing a patch to release that fixes it.

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I searched the forums but was unable to find that, thankyou for the reaponse!

Daniel, i cant tell you how happy i am with this machine! Plasma cutter not so much, but the crossfire itself is fantastic!


20.6.2 is now available for download on the Downloads page and solves this issue.


Have to uninstall and reinstall? Im on 20.6 and it wont update

I uninstalled and reinstalled with new download im still on version 20.6 not 20.6.2

it will not show as 20.6.2
it will only show as 20.6

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