FireControl and absolute corrdinates

I have homing switches installed and they work great. I am trying to figure out how to drive Firecontrol in absolute coordinates instead of relative ones. I can do it from g-codes but would like to enter a coordinate and have the machine drive to it instead of using the arrow keys and sneaking up on it. Am I missing something or is it not possible right now?

when you home your machine you and you know where you want it go. all you have to do is zero out manually enter the negative or positive in the x and y. then tell it to go to zero.

example you home your machine, and you want it to go close to the left front. manually enter y being say 33 inches then tell it to go to zero x would stay where it is and the y would move 33 inches towards the front.

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Thanks Phillipw
Was playing with some scripting and should be able to get some math in it. Using a single jig to hold multiple parts.

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