FireControl 20.6.2 on Chromebook

I think I made a big mistake…

I bought a touchscreen laptop Chromebook to use with my CrossFire PRO. The specs of the laptop all exceeded what was required for Fire Control. Only issue I’m finding is after I downloaded FC and attempt to access it, I get a pop-up saying that FC is for Windows and not Chrome OS and instructing me to find a suitable app to run FC on.

Has anyone used Chromebook successfully with Fire Control/CrossFire? What would be a suitable app?

It only works on windows or macOS.

I see there’s some apps or methods to convert from Chrome OS over to windows… but I think it will be more frustration than what I want.

I’ll be finding something else I suppose.

Thanks though

Yes, ChromeOS is a joke. It basically relies on running 90% of the apps over the internet. It cuts cost and requires tiny built in storage and lets google know everything you do so they can sell the info and target you for advertising.

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