FireControl 20.4 and CrossFire LS22 - No Connection

Hey Guys. Thanks for the awesome forum… I’ve found some good stuff in here! However, I cant seem to get Fire Control to see my machine.

I was able to get mach3 to see the machine and was successful in jogging. So I know the cord is good and there most likely isn’t an issue with the board. I have tried everything that the instructions state in the videos and on the downloads page. FireControl opens with no issue but the screen is greyed out. I saw that this will stay grey until the system sees the crossfire machine thats connected. I cant seem to move from this point. I have tried to delete and reinstall the drivers from the ports menu.

Any help is appreciated!

Also, I don’t think that its an issue, since i’ve seen some other folks using it, but i’m running a SurfacePro with Windows 10.

Firecontrol doesn’t work with the original Crossfire. It’s only for the Pro.

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