Fire Control Pause and Start/Continue

Hello Forum thanks for being here. This is my first post but would like to ask some very simple questions in some up coming posts that will feel like “No Brainers” but have not been able to have success.

Shouldn’t I be able to simply pause and continue using the Pause and Start buttons?

Right now this function is not working as I would think it should. I would assume it is reading GCode pausing the read and waiting for the start command to continue. The logical side of my mind tells me there is no start torch command where I have paused and that is why it is not firing back up. Could someone break this down for me?

You are exactly right. The ‘Pause’ will pause the program and shut off the torch. Resuming this cut does not have the M3 Torch Fire command and will not fire until the next cut loop where that exists.

If you want to run from the exact spot, you can use the ‘Run From Line’ functionality shown with the line highlighted in the Gcode Viewer. This will include IHS/THC activation (if this is in your program) as well as the Torch Fire command and let you pick up cuts from exact locations.

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