Fire Control for Linux (please!)

I posted similar somewhere else but maybe it wasn’t the appropriate place? At any rate, nothing but crickets & tumbleweeds, so I’ll plead here and hope for some buzz.

I noticed that members from Langmuir Systems itself posted to mention “Linux coming soon!”…
Has there been even any talk within the halls of LS about a Linux port of Fire Control?

For me, that would be a dream come true. Strongly wanting to migrate away from anything Windows is something that I’m positive I am not alone in. I would guess there are dozens if not hundreds of LS customers which would cheer a Linux port release. What with Microsoft constantly meddling with breaking updates and who knows what else these days, a stable, solid running isolated OS that just works and runs Fire Control without drama would make for some sweet cutting.

I would also like to see a post processor for FreeCAD for various reasons. I’m sure many would welcome this as well, but if there’s interest, in my view it should be a secondary back-burner thing until Fire Control on Linux is a real thing. (though maybe it could be whipped up in half an afternoon by one of you whizbang coder types?)

LS folks, PLEASE do this. I’m begging you! Being able to run the CF Pro/Fire Control from Linux would be the cat’s meow, the icing on the cake, the bow on top…
Did I mention I’m begging you?

Thanks for your consideration

Perhaps. But maybe the reason for the crickets in response to your prior post was that there just aren’t that many who want Linux vs the current solution. It’s worth shooting an email to Support to see what their current plans for Linux support are.

There is growing use of Freecad here with the ongoing Fusion licensing restrictions and there has been some conversation on the forum of creating a post for it. I thought I saw someone post a thread about building a Freecad post-processor for Firecontrol but I don’t remember who was working on it. Might be worth having search guru @toolboy see if he could dig it up :smiley:

you are an evil man sometimes James…and I hate you for challenging me on this…

part way down there is a post of someone using mach3 modified post process for Firecontrol

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I knew you could find it. Search-fu is strong in you.

Duh! :man_facepalming:
I shoulda thought about that. G-code is pretty simple. I have over a dozen years single-line hand writing it back in the day. As long as FreeCAD can post some kind of G-code, it oughtta be easy enough to figure out some way to make that work in Fire Control. All machines seem to need something different, but it’s usually in small ways. Maybe I can even take a look at the post files for FreeCAD myself and see if I can make any sense of it.

But the hard part is the Linux port of Fire Control. I only brought it up because Langmuir did it first a couple years ago and proceeded to not utter about it since I think. If “there just aren’t that many who want Linux vs the current solution.”, I’m positive that they simply aren’t aware of the benefits of such. Heck, just the lack of constant unnecessary OS updates is enough to warrant a look. I can’t see why a working system running Fire Control even warrants internet connectivity. To me it seems like once you had a system working, it would be GREAT to lock it down so nothing gets screwed up in the process of “fixing” something.
if it ain’t broke…

I don’t fault folks for not knowing about, and thus being hesitant to try messing with Linux. The marketing isn’t exactly mainstream. But I assure it can be dead simple and comes with definite benefits (many, in my opinion). Honestly, if somebody basically had equal exposure and comfort with Linux vs. Windows (I have zero Apple experience, so no opinion possible), the hassles and fears that come packaged with Winblows makes the choice a no-brainer. The only problem and reason is simple lack of exposure to it.

LS could make an ISO package for the Linux system if they wanted and that could make installation easier than candy from a baby. But the standard installation is as simple as anything else really.

We are advising a few community members on a FreeCAD post (from the post previously linked).

We have also recognized the demand for and documented a Linux version of FireControl but getting it scheduled, dev complete, tested, and supported is a taller task… If we do something like this it would likely have to be an unsupported port for a while. I can’t say anything beyond that at this point.


Groovy news. I’ll keep alert.

I bet there’s a bigger demand for limit switches than *nix. :grin::grin::grin:


I bet there’s a bigger demand for limit switches than *nix.

Ooh… Ok there’s that.
But still, I did say I was begging. Can I beg for both??