Fine cut on 1/8 mild steel

I am trying to cut some small 4x6 boxes to use as candle holders. I have a razor weld 45 and a #9 tip. When i cut designs that are close to each other things get blown apart like the kerf is hitting the last pass. Can i use a smaller tip, like a #6 and slow my speed down to get a smaller kerf and a more intricate design. I want to be able to cut in 1/8 steel. Any sugestions would be great. Thanks

I wouldn’t advise going with a smaller tip cutting 1/8” material. With that amperage needed for that thick, you would just blow the end of the tip out. I would use a .9 to 1.0 tip and make sure your spacing in between each part is about 1/4”. That’s what I set my gaps to and it works great.

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