Finally did it!

I’ve been on a few forums and Facebook groups for quite a while. I’ve never messed with any kind of CAD stuff before. Closest I’ve done is designed a few things in Silhouette Studio for my wife to print t-shirts. After what feels like forever looking at different machines and finally getting settled into our new (to us) house with a 2 car garage,I took the leap and ordered the Pro. If any of you guys are using one in your attached garage and have any tips, I’d be glad to hear them! I’m in south Mississippi so humidity is going to be a battle from what I’ve been reading. Looking into air dryers and refrigerators before the pro gets here in MAY. Glad to be a part of the Langmuir family now and looking forward to learning and sharing with the class!


:+1: Welcome aboard

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Thanks Joe!

Ventilation…ventilation…dry air…dry air…patients…patients…

And welcome


And dont forget the BBQ and Drinks.


@jimt, that’s how they become

Now, if they had more patience then maybe they wouldn’t become patients.


It’s splashy, decide how you plan to contain all the splashing fluid from the table when you’re cutting if you plan to fill the water table. The left and right edges are the sides that are particularly harder to contain.

That or invest in a lot of shop towels and keep all the power cords a few feet away from the machine.

I’m hoping to have my air setup finished soon! As far as ventilation… garage door open with fans blowing out is probably as good as I’m going to get. lol

Pretty sure that’s a requirement if you are working in the garage!

My garage floor pretty much stays wet from humidity anyway so I’m not too worried about water on the floor. Hoping I’ll be able to roll the table semi close to the door when I’m cutting so most of it will be able to get squeegeed out the door. As far as cables… I’ll have to figure that out once I get everything together.

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really not a great idea moving the table around.
if it was meant to roll around they would sell the wheels as an option…
rolling it around could easily throw it out of square and cause failure of the bearings…

better to rig up a little exhaust hose with a fan and vent the smoke outside…

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Good to know. It’ll only be about 3ft away from the door where I plan on setting it up. I wonder if it would work to leave it where it’s at and just have a fan blowing across it toward the door to help with fumes?

that is what I am doing until I build my shop…
I also wear a special cartridge mask when I can not open the door all the time…too cold sometimes.
like last night…at 2pm it was 41F…and by 8pm it was -3F…

I feel for you guys that have to deal with weather like that. In south Mississippi, where I live, if it gets in the 30s…everything shuts down. I don’t like to deal with cold (anything under 50 degrees). haha

glad to hear you feel for us…because damn…I can not feel a thing…But I tell you one thing…in this weather you instantly know if you have any holes in your underwear!!!

hahahaha I bet so! And then handling metal and tools in cold weather makes it even worse. I’ll take 100 degrees over 30 degrees any day

Not sure I agree. Perhaps they don’t sell wheels because they’re commodities and lots of options - size, material, locking vs non-locking, leveling, etc.

I have mine on wheels because I don’t have room to leave it out all the time. I have marks on the garage floor that when I roll the table out will keep it level (I have a slight slope to the floor).

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I partially agree with you…but how often do you roll out the table into it’s marked location?

Everytime I use it. I’ve got a 2 bay garage. My bay has a motorcycle lift (with a motorcycle on it), bench & stuff including the compressor. My wife’s bay is the open space - I move her car out and roll the Crossfire (or the Tig welder & welding table) out. Then when I’m done it all gets rolled back to its home between the back of the lift & the door.

My next house is going to have an oversized garage just for my shop. (Plus another oversized garage for 2 cars & motorcycles.) Working on the design now.

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Think BIG. My 30x40 shop is way to small. Or am i a hoarder?.. Nevermind I need to clean the shop and get rid of anything i havnt seen in 10 years.