Everlast notes from a cut problem

So today I cut up a sheet that had a lot of small parts. All different part files combined and nested.

Some of the parts have bend lines so I put them all in one cut path on fusion360. One kind of bend line was actually a relief cut that in another later… tool path would be crossed. Of the 4 of them in the file one caused problems. When the torch crossed the end of the cut the arc went out and didn’t come back on right away. I think this is because it got splashed with water. Maybe someone else can speculate. The result was a few inches of material that didn’t cut all the way through.

The other issue was 3 cuts in a cluster of smaller shapes didnt have their cuts start on time. I think this is because the post air flow was probably still blowing when the torch was supposed to start the timing seemed right. On our everlast machines there is a dial for post flow time so I’ll cut it back and see what affect that has. I have a couple other small things to diagnose but maybe these could help someone