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I don’t post much on these forums but… I would just like to add my 2cents worth. I bought a brand new everlast 60s. I now only 3 months latter just got my brand new hyper 45xp. The everlast is not very low cost when you start adding up the cost of the consumables. I wish I would have just got the 45xp to start.

Yes I just blew through another tip yesterday on 1/8 in turned amps down to about 46 and was running about 100ipm. for no reason it just blew up, ruined another sheet of material. I am actually fearful of spending 75 bucks on more consumables (for like 6 of them) and tip. I really want to see if I can just send this thing back as I ordered it on ebay for that reason. You get more coverage that way than ordering direct. My first experience when I called Everlast was not good, got a VM from some foreign lady, no offense but I had a bad feeling the customer service would be not so good. I def always regret buying off shore stuff, it just isn’t worth it for me ever. I am def going to get another hyp either xp45 or maybe 65. I’m sure someone can get on here an chime in with good everlast experiences, but to me its just obvious from day one the consumables are trash, granted the shielded tips may be better I need some input bf I go and purchase them bc again I don’t want to waste anymore money or time on this machine. P.S on ebay there is a guy selling tips that says they are made in Italy. Not sure if I believe it. My machine says it was made in taiwan so who knows where the tips were made.

Well my patience is running thin. I tried buying the “shielded tips” from ebay. only 2 sellers I can find offer them. One is in Delaware and you can’t message him on ebay. I tried buying one of the sets and then instantly got refunded. So upon more and more searching I found some from Plasmadyn for about the same price, though slightly diff looking product. The guy from Delaware claims his tips are made in Italy. Plasmadyn def seem like they are made in China. Has anyone had any luck with ordering consumables from ebay? If so which ones and from who would be very helpful. I really don’t want to waste $70 on these but its that or pay to ship this machine back. Its setting here with no tips getting no use, so any help on the consumables would be greatly appreciated. I don’t want to order them from Everlast bc they are expensive and honestly the tips they came with didn’t last. Lastly, Plasmadyn has a product list, he is selling tips rated for 50amp in the kit (I need 60). The Deleware guy has some other kits but they have mixed consumables. I don’t want to spend all that money to only have 2 tips rated at 60 amp.

Go with the guy from Delaware, his name is George, I think his eBay name is mechanic… something or other. He’s actually on the forum here.

Does @gamblegarage have them? He’s super to deal with if he has ones for Everlast I don’t think you’d find a better combination of cost & service responsiveness.

I actually emailed George, looked him up cause the ebay thing just seemed weird. Yeah its an actual shop so thats good.

checked them out, don’t seem to have what I need. thanks for the lead.

If the Hypertherm Powermax65 is only a year old it still has 2 years of warranty left on the power supply (torch is one year). If you get a copy of the original invoice from the dealer, then that is when the warranty starts. Without the invoice the warranty starts a week or so after the manufacture date. A call in to Hypertherm tech service with the serial number can get you the warranty start date.

Well, wasted 70$ on these shielded consumables. This garbage coudln’t even cut 2 sheets of material today. My hyp xp30 can cut over 20 sheets bf I have to change tips. sending the everlast back, been nothing but a headache every time I used it.

lots of info here but your 60s came with a 1.2 in the torch?

Yes i’m pretty sure. I then ordered shielded consumables also from link above. Brand new tip didn’t last more than 20 min of cutting.

I have two Everlast 80s and am extremely happy with them. One I used free hand around on jobs that come into welding & mechanical repair shop, and the other I have it permanently on CNC plasma burn table.
I’ve had zero trouble with either of them and both run about 3-4 hrs a day… five days a week…They continue to exceed my expectations on a daily basis for over 1 1/2 years in a industrial shop enviroment.

I just ordered the 50S on Everlasts Black Friday deals. Looking forward to giving it a go. One questions i have for the people that have the 50s’s is what size are compressor do you have hooked to it? I am thinking I may need to upgrade my compressor.

Thank you.

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I’m using a 60 gallon Quincy and it keeps up with cutting without any issues

Thank you. Do you think I could get away with with a 30 gal?

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What’s the cfm rating

5.0 cfm or better. The web site says 25 gallons or more, and 72 to 75 psi cutting pressure.

I’m using a Craftsman 33gal vertical compressor with a 50s… On longer cuts, it will kick in but keeps up with the cutting… Pressure remains the same at the cutter. I’ve run 3/4" copper pipe for cooling and ending up with 3/8" hose where needed… Works pretty well…

Thanks for the input. I have gone ahead and pulled the trigger on a 60gal 3.7 HP compressor. It was on sale and I had gift cards so I couldn’t resist haha