Everlast 60s settings

Hey all, I’m almost ready to give my setup a go. Here’s a small chart of the recommended settings from the manual I put together. After I get some time under my belt using it I will update settings to what I find works best on the LS. The biggest reason I went with the Everlast is duty cycle. The EV is 60% @ full use while the Raz 45 is 30% @ full use. Not sure how much Ill get to capacity but imagine its nice not to have to max it out when doing 1/4 media. Im also up for any feedback from anyone else that has used this setup… thanks LMK

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Hi, I didn’t see a chart attached to your post?

I posted the chart with vague settings from the manual and net. After using it for a bit the settings weren’t working well. I literally only used my machine for an hour before having to shut it down. I am going to build a tap file for testing 5 different ipms and manually adjust amperage for each box and try and narrow down a proper cut. I’ll be doing it wth probably 5 different pieces of material and will update once i do so. Deleting the whole thread apparently is harder then deleting a picture.