Everlast 60s ipt60 torch consumeable orfice size

Hello I just noticed on the consumables that came with my ipt60 torch has a 1.2 on the side and there seems to be different size orifices. I assume the smaller would be for thinner gauge sheets and a more accurate cut, the larger would be the opposite for thicker cuts and less definition.

If that is true, what tips/sizes are ideal for what thicknesses ?

would you use less air pressure for the smaller tips? or more?

also does the tip size affect cut speed?

My table arrived today so just observing a few things,

Mostly it’s a matter of amperage. For instance, 30A & below I use a .8mm tip but over 30 to 45A I use a 1.0mm tip.

You’re right that smaller tips give finer cuts. And smaller tips with lower amperage work better for thinner materials.

Thanks for the reply, very helpfull. is there any gauge or thickness size you can recommend changing sizes for?

I have only made a few test cuts by hand with the everlast, otherwise I have been using a amazon sold, Lotos ltp5000 for general use and I can already tell the difference in quality of cuts vs amperage.

I turned the everlast down to 30 where I would need 40+ in the lotos pretty excited to see how this thing performs, I may buy a 2nd torch to get some larger projects done with the everlast…

Also, there is a normal and a tip saver pilot arc setting. what mode should be ran when using it on the table?