Everlast 60s doesn't always turn off or on

I’m still in the ‘play’ mode with my table and plasma (read, still wet behind the ears rookie - so let me be first to say I’m completely uninformed and hesitated even wasting your time here - but I’m at a loss). I get the machine to cut and move as expected what I am having trouble with is the torch lighting or not turning off… I’ll double check the pin outs tonight (to be sure I’m on pin 1 and 2) but in cutting stuff out the torch ‘usually’ turns on and ‘usually’ turns off but not always… what else should I check? It most likely doesn’t turn off when it should - long cuts or short cuts don’t matter, but it is a random error… if I’m paying close enough attention I can hit the F5 key to end its mistake and the light on Mach3 indicating torch on/off is working fine…

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Do you have the plasma cutter set on 2t and not 4t? Where is your ground clamp?

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It’s on 2T, normal for pilot arc, and clamped to the water table.

On my I also run another jumper wire from the clamp to the piece. Double check your consumables and the swirl ring in particular. It should always get a pilot arc at least even without a work connection.