Error message in firecontrol

The following error happened at line1. G-code words consist of a letter and a value. Letter was not found. I wound up trying load parts that i have already cut, and recieved the same message. I have also have recieved this message - Numeric value formatis not valid or missing an expected value. I wondered if the problem was with my sheet cam post, or in firecontrol.

Are you using the firecontrol post processor for sheetcam?

Yes I am. As far as i know i have changed nothing since my first cuts.

Are you running the latest version of FireControl (20.4)? Can you post your program here?

I am running 20.3. I did hit the download button, and canceled when it said 5 hours. I will pack the computers up and head to my daughter’s house. I have very poor internet.

There was a buffer overrun issue in older versions of FireControl that caused errors like this- albeit rarely. We have fixed this in the latest version.

I will be downloading the latest version this weekend, and making sure I am getting the g code ready to install to firecontrol, and learn how to send you posts, and better communicate with the help desk. Thank you