Error message help

Can someone please steer me in the right direction. Every time I try to create a G code or tool path I get this error message. Can someone tell me what im doing wrong. I really dont need someone to tell me I need to get a better understanding of fusion 360 when its not hard to understand. I believe im having some software issues. Because the program is not letting me do what I need to do.

What is the error message you’re getting and in what software are you getting the error message? Fusion 360?

A screenshot of the error message or copying down and posting its contents verbatim would be awesome.

Thanks for taking a look at this

Okay you need to be using an editable document.

I think you might be limited to 10 active documents so so you may have to archive a few documents so this one can be open to editing.

The next step is once you get to the manufacturing space which it looks like you’re in from the screenshot you’ve sent.

From there you’ll need to create a setup for your current document.

Then you’ll need to create tool paths for that setup.

Once you’ve created a toolpath which would be listed under browser on the left hand side of your screen that’s when you can go and create a NC file.

Being in a non-editable document is giving you some trouble right now so let’s resolve that first and then worry about all the other stuff after.

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Ok tin that helped alot but for some reason im still not able to select a tool do you have any idea what is going on with this.

Save that file.

Try to export a f3d file.

And post it .

It’ll give me a good idea of where you’re at.

I also see you have two separate setups. Did you do that on purpose?

When you try to select tool through that box that showing what’s the next menu that comes?

Well i don’t know what a f3d file is sorry

I don’t know how i got 2 profile setups

Im at work right now will send you a pic of next screen tomorrow DOE needs me right now.

Thanks for your help.

You’re welcome.

An f3d file is a fusion file that not only carries all the design information but all the manufacturing information and all the history of your project.

Up in the file system on the top left under export it should be available there.

This video walks through it and gives you a little bit more visual reference to where the selections are made.

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Tin here is the next screen will work on the f3d file later today after I waKe up.

Create a tool under local


Create a new tool under local.

Use the plus➕sign to add another tool to the local category.

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I have been following both of your posts. I know @TomWS already suggested this but I am going to second what he said. I think it would be really helpful for you to watch the tutorials both from Langmuir and @TinWhisperer. Go through the entire Manufacture process 5 or 6 times back to back. You can do it with the same design… go through it till you get to the point where you create the G-Code then delete it all and go though it again. Because I don’t do this every day sometimes I have to re-watch one of TinWhisperer’s videos to refresh me on the process before I go through the CAM process. All of the questions you have will be answered with the tutorials(at least the ones you have asked so far are covered there) and you wont have to go through the back and forth on each question you will likely have going forward.

I appreciate you asking questions. You have no idea how many people will learn from the questions you are asking. I know I have been the beneficiary of reading through posts of others asking questions just like yours.

Tip of the cap to TinWhisperer, I am going to step out and leave you in his capable hands.

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