Error line 3 on cross fire pro

Hi I am new to this plasma cutting software, I have built multiple things on fusion and downloaded multiple deals off of fireshare, same thing occurs line 3 error code. any ideas or suggestions of what I am doing wrong?

Thanks Matt
Owatonna, MN

are you using the firecontrol post processor to create the gcode?

No fusion 360

Thats the problem…go here post processor

Good luck

i create everything in fusion 360 then get it all the way to a .tap file then upload that in the firecontrol, thats where it tells me that i have the error code

BUT are you using the firecontrol post processor o make your .tap file?
Post the tap file so we can look at it,

ancor plate.tap (4.2 KB)

making the tap file with fusion and trying to upload it into fire control then thats when i get an error code

Yup, that’s your problem, the g70 is not valid in this app.

You need to use the post processor I link to a couple responses up. Just change which processor fusion uses and you will be gtg

so i downloaded the first and posted it in the folder like the video said to do, now what do i need to do witht he 1.5 or 1.6?

I use the 1.5…any luck with it?

No might need to have someone talk me thru it on the phone…idk what I’m doing wrong

click the link and scroll down to where is says " POST PROCESSING FOR FIRECONTROL (CROSSFIRE PRO), then go to step A5". shows you how to install the firecontrol post processor in fusion.

I can get the regular one downloaded and installed its the 1.5 version i can’t

did you right click in the post processor under DOWNLOADS and select “save link as” to download it to your downloads folder?

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Thanks nica for stepping in :beer: :hamburger:

Any way possible I could call one of you that are smarter on this than me to walk me thru on the phone? Would be greatly appreciated…i got my firecontrol updated to 1.2 so I should need the 1.6 but when I download and add it to my fusion 360 cutting it won’t recognize it…it will with the regular version but not the 1.6?