Effects of crashing the machine into the stanchion plate

Just curious what the effects of crashing the machine into the stanchion plates were? I mixed the X and Y axis cords up and when I went to jog the machine, it hit momentarily. I saw that the 0 coordinates changed, which makes sense cause I’m sure there was some slippage, but is there any potential for serious damage to the motors? Or is there a safety mechanism built in

Hi Austin,

Check this thread here: Motion limits, are there safety zones?

In short, running the gantry into the stanchion plates doesn’t cause any harm.

Austin, you will skip steps though inside the stepper motor… this does not hurt anything as you “lose track” steps in mach 3, so your origin and zeros will be all out of wack. Basically if you hit the stanchion plates you need to re-zero the machine because it wont know where it is.

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I’ve crashed my torchmate a few times. It will wear our your anti back lash nut quickly. I would recommend always having a spare. I have 2-3 spares and spare lead screws just in case. Once you get into a groove you can’t afford downtime. Or want to keep it to a minimal.

Also it’s very helpful to label both ends of your cables for when you move the machine or do maintenance.