Easyscribe first to a cut

Hey everybody,

Has anyone done a tool path with the easyscriber than a change over to a cut on the same file ? Is it possible? I’m using fusion 360 with camsheet and crossfires -fire control.
I’m using the hypertherm 45 xp .
I’m open to any recommendations.

And also anyone have a recommended laptop they use for design ?

did you search “easyscribe” with the little magnifying glass at the top right of the screen?

Hey , no I will check it out . Thank you for taking the time to respond :+1:

Just came across this!!

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They have one for the RazorWeld 45 too. I don’t remember seeing that before.

I think if you order it through the plasmaspider.com link you get $10 off.

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is this cutter specific or torch specific?

I expect it’s torch specific - the RW45 notes that a specific torch is required. Similarly, the Hypertherm 45 vs 45XP was because of the Duramax torch on the XP and the original 45 torch being smaller.

Yes. It states that it will fit the X45, either machine or hand torch