Dropped my spindle. (Stupid I know)

So… I dropped my spindle about 3 inches while I was changing positions. I was being stupid and impatient. Help was on the way I just didn’t want to wait. It landed on the collet nut and I caught it before if fell sideways. How would I go about checking it for damage? Tilt and nod are still great after attaching in the up position. I’m concerned about it spinning true. Thanks to all the regulars that are always helping newbies like me.

I’d put a dial indicator on the taper inside the collet end and turn it by hand. Watch for your total runout on the indicator and any tight spots while rotating that could indicate bearing damage.
These are pretty decently made units, so I doubt you’ll have damage from that short of a drop. I let mine slip about 1.5" onto a pair of 2x2s I had under it just in case. Glad they were there though.

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Yup. After I posted I did exactly what you said. Weird how asking for help makes you think a little better.


And no movement on the dial indicator do I think I’m good

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If you’re not seeing runout and there aren’t any tight spots I’d say fire it up!
Maybe run a few varying spindle speeds to see if there are any harmonics happening after the bump. Unless someone else chimes in saying otherwise I think you’re good to go :+1:

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Sounds like a plan. Thanks!