Downloading software question

hi ya…so we will use Inkscape and Sheetcam for the beginning…I downloaded Inkscape and FireControl 20.4 soooo…
I see a software download called FireControl - SheetCam Post V1.5 and want to make sure I need to download that…(pretty sure but want to check with you guys first
thanks in advance,
Andy and Lisa

Yes, that is the post processor for SheetCam. You can load it into SheetCam in a couple of different ways. The most straightforward is, after you install SheetCam, go to the Program Files (x86)/SheetCam TNG/Posts folder and copy it there.

Then, when you start SheetCam. You open Options->Machine->Post Processor tab and select that file from the Post Processor list box. You might have the option to select that the first time SheetCam starts, but I don’t remember specifically.

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Wow…Thank you thank you…I would have downloaded it to my PC and not the way you said above! I will pay and download sheetcam next…yeah…thanks again…Lisa