Does anyone or does anyone have the settings

Does anyone have what the settings are on Mach3 I think I have something not set correctly in the general logic configuration I have loaded reloaded preloaded unloaded and reloaded until I have about loaded all I want, I cant get anything to work on this thing. This is after changing to a new computer windows 10 it worked perfect on windows xp.

Windows 10 is your problem mach 3 is not compatible! I bought a windows 10 and mach 3 just will not work even with the patch!

Well that just really sucks hinend

I know I tried all I knew to do…

I use windows 10 every day.Two different computers.

Any suggestions on what to do to make it work? Or did yours just take right off?

I use Windows 10 here as well. 0 issues

i believe there is a patch for windows 10 under downloads on the main Langmuir site. try installing that

I also run windows 10 with no problem.

also, what exactly is it not doing for you? that might help us in helping you out more clearly.

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Well it has a pop up that says unable to open Earror=11 is the first thing

im also getting an error that says one or more axis fixtures are turned too fast for current kernel speed of 2500 which I have not changed I just reloaded it.