Do I need CPC port or serial port for Langmuir table

Hi. I going to purchase a cutter for my Pro table I pre ordered and I am going with hypertherm 45xp. I see vids of people having to open the cutter frame and wire up different things.
I will be using the basic hand held torch and wondering what do I need to hook table to 45xp. Do I need to have the RS or CPC port or something else? I just wanna know what I’m getting into before I spend money and have to spend more. Thanks

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I use the cpc port. Also mainly because I have a 45xp and powermax 85 so it makes it easy to switch between the 2

I’m just trying to figure out how I would hook the cutter up to the power source to communicate with the table. So you just hook it directly to the CPC port then to the table?

If you use the hand torch, I know for sure that the torch trigger pins will be disabled on the CPC port so you would have to splice into the trigger wires instead.

Now I’m not sure if the divided arc voltage pins of the CPC port are also locked out if a machine torch is not used. That would be a good question for Hypertherm. If it’s not locked out, then you can simply plug the two wires from the THC into them.

Just have to switch pins on the hand torch do not have to slice anything or open the case and void the warranty. The’re us a write up on here already.