Did I miss the notice that Langmuir will be closed from May 31st to?

I have been calling Langmuir for a week. It goes directly to voice mail. Did I miss the notification?

Langmuir is the new type of business that doesn’t want to do business through phones, most successful contact is through their website support process. More and more companies that do not have brick and mortar stores unfortunately embrace this method. People manning phones and checking voice mails cost money in personnel.

Hi Joel! Sorry that you haven’t been able to get ahold of us on the phone, we can get pretty busy sometime and try our best to to get back to everyone. We put high priority on responding to voicemails due to high call volume on some days. I’m glad to answer any questions that you have here, and you can also email support@langmuirsystems.com

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ship it to me…I will make sure it is safe while he is away…ahahahahahahahaha

What’s going on with your machine?

I don’t have it yet. Just trying to connect with them to arrange delivery. I postponed it because I needed to clear out some space for it. They did call me yesterday afternoon, but I missed the call. They also responded to my online contact request. I’ll try again on Monday.
I made two small purchases over the months before this and somebody always answered the phone. The calls I made this last week went straight to the reception desk voice mail. I understand companies being busy but no one to answer the phone! If they don’t want phone calls (I don’t like phone calls either) don’t publish a phone number.