Did all the old data disappear?

With the new forum, did all of the discussions on the previous get migrated over or are they gone?

:slightly_smiling_face: I just asked in the Software category if they were going to move it. They should if they can but maybe it’s not possible. We’ll have to see what their response is.

Glad they moved to Discourse though even if they can’t move the old stuff. I belong to the Glowforge forum and there are more than 200K posts - that would be impossible to deal with using their old forum. We have tons of tips & project info there. I’d live to see something similar here.

Responded over on the other question too but for now we don’t have a migration plan. If theres content you found useful please repost it with credit to the original poster.

The old forum is still available (for now) at its old URL: http://www.langmuirsystems.com/forum

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Excellent. Thanks for the quick response.

It’s a good move even if the old content is left behind.