Design not cutting correctly

I am still fairly new so hopefully this is an easy fix and I am overlooking the solution.
I have a 23” circle monogram designed that is not cutting correctly. The first attempt I added extra designs in the empty space. The final cut was very lopsided. The circle boarder should be about 1” all the way around and as you can see the top is very small and the bottom is close to 2”. It caused it to also cut through my extra designs on the corner.
The shiny one is my first attempt and you can see how it cut lopsided and through my other designs in the corner.

Second attempt I removed the extra designs, rebooted everything and double checked my measurements. It ended up once again messing up the outer circle and didn’t even make a complete circle this time.
I am designing on the software I use for my vinyl cutter(Silhouette) and using Fusion to cut. I have the regular Crossfire. The design looks fine on the computer but is cutting wrong. I have cut quite a few other designs but this is my first circle and my first problem.

does the design look right in the preview window in Mach3?

If the design looks correct in the Mach 3/firecontrol software it could be you’re losing steps if that outer circle is shifting by random amounts down relative to the rest of the cuts. Is it possible you’re running into some form of hard stop while cutting? I notice the notches on the part on the left, are those as designed, or some glitch during the cut? No other geometry has shifted?

Edit: Nevermind, notches appear to be related to the other designs you mentioned in your post. How about any offsets programmed for the other parts you mentioned cutting from the extra material? A 1" offset programmed into the gcode and then going back to the outer circle last could cause problems.

Almost looks like maybe your gantry doesn’t have enough travel because it all looks good until the last cut.If you gantry hit the bolt at the end of the travel it will continue on but lose steps.The way its thicker at the bottom kinda leads me to think you need make sure you have enough room.