Default Rapid Speed Change in Fire Control

I would like to change the default rapid speed which seems to be 300 ipm to 200 ipm in order to track down an issue I’m having with my CF Pro. Can this be done in Fire Control? I think Mach 3 allowed for adjustable rapid speeds to be set but I don’t see how in Fire Control. OR - Might there be a way to set this up in Sheetcam where it would “trick” FC into reducing rapid speed? Any ideas?

Good question. No idea, but following along to learn something new in case someone knows.

has this been solved? im having issues with y carriage stalling i think its only happening during rapids

After changing Z motor, carriage brackets and tweaking several other parts it did not resolve the issue. The machine was squared up and levelled several times to no avail. Then I was sent a new control board and replaced it. This helped for sure but what “solved” the problem was changing the default rapid speed to 200 ipm. I continue to run at 200 ipm and don’t care about a slower rapid movement. The test for determining my issue was running a single outline (which worked fine) vs running a part that had a component requiring an internal or external rapid. Anything over 200 ipm would bind almost all the time on the X axis and sometimes on the Z axis. I don’t see this with the software set to max out at 200 ipm. I also spray WD-40 on the lead screw often.

It was Greg9504 who enlightened me as to altering the rapids. This is the thread [Cut not matching Sheetcam file or simulation]