DEAD IN THE WATER!rw cut 45 won't fire at all, manual or with the table

what’s your internal reg set to inside the cutter? i’ve read where it works best if turned up to 75-80 psi internally.

C101 was to be removed from the board and R121 should have been replaced with a new 100k resister. But may not have been replaced as far as I can tell from the picture. Get a magnifying glass and read the R121 to see if it is a 100K part

It is 100K

If R121 is 100K then the update has been done. We checked out the torch and its OK. So you have a bad pc board and Razorweld will have to repair or replace it under warranty as I told you on the phone.

Yea, I am guessing it is and they are doing the update to all the new boards.

Thanks gents.
I’ve spoken to razorweld and they are going to take it back for repair or replacment, whichever the case may be.
Appreciate the help all.

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Man, that must certainly be frustrating! …but glad uncle George was able to get you troubleshooted , troubleshot? (is that a word?) …ahhh, not enough bourbon! :rofl:

fuse is either good or bad…intermittent may mean fuse connection intermittent?

Agreed…but have you never had a motor run and overheat and run randomly…then the fuse blew?
another problem can occur before the fuse blows…

i concur doctor…