Cutting same hole twice

Sometimes I have a feature like a small slot in material 1/8" or thicker that needs a lot of cleanup after the cut. At the same time, longer cuts are of excellent quality.

I wanted to experiment on cutting the same slot, or hole, twice, without stopping the plasma cutter. It can be done by messing with the g-code but do you know if it’s possible to have Fusion 360 perform multiple passes with 2D cuts?

Yes you can add as many toolpaths as you wish.

But those will be interrupted cuts, as in the machine stops the arc, performs a lead-in again etc correct?

sorry yes i see what you are saying.

maybe a way to do it in fusion? could alter the gcode in a notepad.

I use MS Code to do my G-code hackery :smiley: there is a nice plugin. I was in fact asking if Fusion 360 had this possibility, as I believe it’s a common thing to do with routers to compensate for machine deflection etc

I don’t think it will work as there will not be any metal there to start a cutting arc. The pilot arc will start but will not transfer to a cutting arc.

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I am not sure how to explain it, I do not want to restart, the second cut should be uninterrupted

I will first try by modifying the G-code as it seems Fusion 360 does not have this.