Cutting area is smaller than expected

So, yeah, I know I should have measured before but… The specs say a cutting area of 48.25" x 33.3". However, I have a piece of 48" on the table now and from hard stop, (you know, " klunk whirr" to hard stop, I measure 46.5" x 33.125".
Now, obviously, I still love my table but wtf? I gotta go redraw o WHOLE bunch of stuff and I’m going to end up wasting a lot of 1/4 inch plate, not to mention that my cuts will no longer fit on a single 4x8.

Are you measuring with a measuring tape or reported values from the system - If everything assembled and aligned properly you should have darn close to the spec.

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After hitting the stops while dry running a file, I whipped out the tape.

Danny Downs, (who, apparently has no life outside of supporting boneheads like me!), had the answer. I switched the X axis bearing mount with the Y when I built it. (Of course the TABLE cut everything I asked if to despite my screw up) Kudos to the LS team!


Interesting. I was thinking of asking others if they are able to rip a whole sheet, because I keep having to cut the last .5 inch with my grinder.

I have yet to load a sheet that is 48”. They have all been over , some up to 1/2”. I have a fence on the left side to align the sheets square to the y axis with the ability to edge start if needed. I’ll straight cut across the x and if any is left I can usually cut it with a pair of side cutters.

Yep, if it’s 48", I can do it. 48-1/2"? Cutoff wheel time, (side cutters would have taxed my old hands tonight, cutting 1/4") :grin:

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