Cutter stops and starts travel when cutting only

I have the lotos cut60d, I made the bottle opener to practice on fusion 360, posted the g-code , loaded it into machine. with plasma cutter powered off, the crossfire will trace the pattern as programmed. when i turn plasma on , it starts, moves into position, starts cutting but only cuts for an inch , then stops, then cuts for an inch and stops ( only movement stops) arc stays on. doesn’t make a nice cut because it burns a wide spot every time it stops. I have torch control wire connected to pins one and two of plug on plasma cutter port. any idea why it runs correctly with plasma not powered on, but then is intermittent when plasma on ?

I solved my issue!..I was checking every detail of setup, and I discovered a loose ground terminal in the 220v receptacle that Plasma cutter was plugged into. That must have been causing noise in the electrical lines. All is well now.

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Hi @jerrittcat

We really appreciate you following up with the solution. thanks!