Cuts not aligning properly SOLVED

I’m not sure if this is a machine or software issue, but I’ve run a couple of test cuts on my CrossFire Pro and the cuts are off by a significant amount relative to themselves. I made the G code in SheetCAM, and it looks fine on the viewing portion of FireControl, but when it cuts it gets all caddywhompus. Here’s some pictures:

Again, not sure if this is a G code issue or a stepper motor issue, but you can see how it seems to shift during the cuts. You can see that there’s a couple inches difference between the internal and external cuts on the This is Fine dog, whereas the F Bomb is only off by a little bit. Has anyone else run into this problem?

Double check that your couplers are tight. Looks like the motor shaft is slipping in the couplers.


Thanks! That’s what the problem was! One of the screws wasn’t tight enough.