Cuts messing up

I’m trying to make cuts, and the machine keeps trying to cut wrong, it’ll start fine, but then it like it loses its bearings on where the torch is, overlaps cuts that shouldn’t be, when I try to restart cut does same thing, not sure what’s wrong, any help would be appreciated

you have posted 2 times with similar questions and problems…delete one of the threads so you do not get conflicting answers and you do not spend time going between threads…

here is what we need to know to help you.

  • Are you using a Pro with THC…or one without THC?
  • Have you been ever able to cut or is this something new?
  • what are you trying to cut?..a pattern from someone else…one you downloaded?
  • Re you on the latest version of Fire Control?
  • What software are you using?..Sheetcam…Fusion360?
  • what type of plasma machine are you using?
  • can you post pictures of anything?..screen shots of FireControl…

then more information we get the better we can help diagnose your problems

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Pro with thc, this is something completely new, was cutting fine before. Cutting a downloaded dxf file I modified some, file already been cut before, so file fine, been doing it in numerous cut files, fire control 20.6.2 I believe latest, using fusion 360, using titanium 45, but problem even occurs when running in dry mode, every picture I try to upload doesn’t work, I’ll continue trying to get that to happen, but I start the cut at a good location, then when machine running, at random times it makes the nose it makes when it’s traveled to far, but fire control doesn’t account for it and torch placement is way off

When I travel the machine in y- at 300 ipm it freezes travel every time, at 200. It’s random at 100b it’s better, been cutting at 100 ipm, not sure if that has anything to do with it, but I don’t think it’s normal, it’s always done that though, but never affected cuts, traveling in any other direction at any speed is perfectly fine

ok…look at your little motor couplings…the ones between the drive Motor and the screws…something tells me your possibly slipping…that would be first thing to check…

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I think that did it, thank you very very much

It appears that my ihs is pulling the torch a little too high up also, when it goes to cut it just be there pilot Arc, if I take the torch out and manually fire it, it’s fine, is there a fix for that

if your torch is cutting to high then you need to adjust that in your post processor settings.

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Torch is within an 1/8—3/16, but not cutting, just arching, but doesn’t even etch material, acts like ground isn’t connected, but it is, it’s a new machine, what could be the cause

Cutting tip must be closer then you have it .060" about 1/16".

Where in the post processor do I do that exactly, in the videos on you tube, they skipped over that, said they’d come back to it, but haven’t seen anything

It was cutting perfectly fine, then I got that slippage issue and now this

How is your consumable tip?

Brand new, changed it out so wasn’t an issue

I wish I could help you more…but I do not know fusion360.

It’s ok,I have a feeling it’s in the section where you choose the cotour, they skipped over it in the videos on you tube, said they would get back to it, but I haven’t seen anything, if I figure it out, I’ll post the answer at least, thanks